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Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order
Bee Houses - Made to Order

Bee Houses - Made to Order

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Do you need a Bee House in your life? These a-frame style pollinator hotels are made-to-order in the colour palette of your choosing: Dandelion (yellow), Peach (light oranges and purples), Blackberry (purples), Strawberry (reds and greens), and Natural (au naturel). You can also select a Custom colour palette - just specify in the checkout notes which colours you'd like (dark and light blues, rainbow, pink and purple etc)!


  • There are two sizes available to choose from:
    SMALL (W) 6.5" x (H) 7" x (L) 8"
    LARGE (W) 6.5" x (H) 9.5" x (L) 10.5"
  • Includes a self-levelling hook on the back for hanging
  • House exterior has a Yakisugi finish + natural oil finish
  • Each house includes removable trays for easy cleaning so you can maintain your healthy bee population season after season
  • Every bee house is A-frame style, completely unique & one of a kind!


  • Hang your bee house 5-7ft from the ground in a southeast-facing area, or a location that gets the most morning sun
  • At the end of the season, remove trays and clear out any leftover nesting material before putting them back
  • It is recommended you maintain a natural finish on your bee house each year

There are over 4,000 species of bees in Canada and the United States, but did you know most of them are solitary? Solitary bees live alone instead of in a hive, almost none produce honey, and they are non-aggressive. These little fellas handle the pollination of our fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers (pollinating up to 100 times more efficiently than honey bees), but their populations are suffering due to habitat loss and increased pesticide use.  

Around 70 per cent of solitary bees nest in the ground, but the other 30 per cent are cavity-nesting bees, which is where bee houses come into play! To lay their young, solitary bees require dry hollow tubes. Once a bee finds a nest (i.e. a bee house), she'll collect materials to make the “cell” for her first egg. She'll then create a pollen loaf (foraged pollen and nectar) so her larvae can sustain itself as it develops into an adult bee. Bee houses are a perfect addition to your garden & backyard, helping with the biodiversity of your flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, and of course…saving our beloved bees!

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your new Bee House to be created!
Each house is lovingly made by hand, and is completely unique. This turnaround time does not including shipping - see below for shipping options.

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