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LIBRA Crochet Hook
LIBRA Crochet Hook
LIBRA Crochet Hook
LIBRA Crochet Hook
LIBRA Crochet Hook

LIBRA Crochet Hook

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Our Libra hook features birdseye maple on top and bottom, with pau ferro + aromatic cedar + ash in the middle

  • Each hook is sanded to yarn-worthy smoothness, and treated with a polyurethane wood sealant 
  • Hooks are a combination of Canadian and exotic woods. All pieces are carefully selected and assembled to create a truly unique tool
  • No two hooks are exactly alike
Libras are active, artistic, easygoing, peaceful, diplomatic, polished, and socially inclined. They're easy to like with their captivating charm, elegant taste, and the gift of making people feel important. They're superb listeners and instinctively know how to draw out another person. Libra Suns can effortlessly smooth ruffled feathers and bring out smiles - they're born charmers! They like to be the center of attention, expecting admiration but longing for love and approval underneath it all. Libra is the sign of partnerships - they're simply not loners as their real energy goes into people. They strive for balance and harmony, and are happiest when their environment is ordered and serene. Peace is worth any price, and Libra Suns will go out of their way to avoid friction. Affectionate, warmhearted, sentimental and naturally optimistic, they'll do everything in their power to please.

Libra is the sign of esthetic perceptions, and here the Moon's romantic, glamourous influence is accentuated. Lunar Libras have a heightened awareness of their environment and of other people. What they truly value is those experiences that make life more beautiful and pleasing, and their immediate reaction to anything unpleasant is to deny it. The Moon in the balanced sign of Libra endows you with an open, independent mind that tries to evaluate the world dispassionately and rationally. It also brings great personal charm and enhances the ability to get along with people. Libra Moons have a polished, charming manner with people, an instinct for fairness, and artistic vision.

Libra is the most pleasing and harmonious Ascendant. Those with Libra Rising are naturally charming, graceful, and poised. They're extremely social-minded, and take pleasure in being with people - parties, holidays, laughter, fun, and good times are what Libra Ascendants revel in. No matter what disappointments today may bring. Libra Risings fantasize happy tomorrows and look forward to living them. Of course, they're not this way ALL the time. One of their problems is they're easily thrown into despair and depression, especially by downhearted and discouraging people. Libra is the sign of balance, and it doesn't take much to push Libra Ascendants out of it. They're born with a great sense of fairness, and nothing angers them more than seeing justice go uncorrected. Libra Risings are refined and neat, and they weigh decisions carefully...though they have trouble making up their mind!


When choosing your size, please note the measurements are shown in metric millimeters (mm). If you are unfamiliar with this sizing, it's recommended you refer to a crochet size conversion chart or tool like this one from Making Crafters to ensure you are purchasing the correct size. Note that while hooks are carefully measured to reflect the listed size as accurately as possible, each hook is made by hand and size may not be exact.

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