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PISCES Crochet Hook
PISCES Crochet Hook
PISCES Crochet Hook
PISCES Crochet Hook
PISCES Crochet Hook
PISCES Crochet Hook
PISCES Crochet Hook
PISCES Crochet Hook
PISCES Crochet Hook

PISCES Crochet Hook

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Our Pisces hook has birdseye maple on the top and bottom, with black limba + purpleheart + wenge in the middle

  • Each hook is sanded to yarn-worthy smoothness, and treated with a polyurethane wood sealant 
  • Hooks are a combination of Canadian and exotic woods. All pieces are carefully selected and assembled to create a truly unique tool
  • No two hooks are exactly alike
Pisces are receptive, intuitive, emotional, imaginative, romantic, impressionable, adaptable, and changeable. They have an otherworldly quality, with the ability to see deeply into the human psyche. Subtle and intuitive, their personality is elusive and enormously influenced by their surroundings and the people who touch their life. Pisces Suns have tender sympathy for anyone or anything that hurts, and at times they'll give away the very strength and emotional security they need for themselves. They possess a seemingly bottomless understanding of other people, and learning to say no can be a lifetime project. Because they're fundamentally unsure of themselves, Pisces Suns prefer to work alone, and although they can sometimes be impractical and lazy, they're capable of prodigious work when involved in a project they truly care about. They're loyal, generous, and always ready to help a friend who has fallen on hard times. They look at the inner soul - no one is a more sensitive, perceptive friend.

Those with the Moon in Pisces have deep feelings and an innate understanding of the human condition. Gifted with vision and imagination, they express themselves well in creative areas. Unfortunately they tend to let their emotions get the better of them, and though they seem confident they have a weakness for letting those with strong wills lead them onto unsuitable paths. Lunar Pisces work tirelessly and unselfishly for others, but find it hard to be strict and disciplined with themselves. Making hard decisions causes anxiety and conflict, and they wear the reality-distorting glasses of the incurable optimist, the dreamer, the poet. Lunar Pisces have a sympathetic heart, an artistic temperament, and a great capacity for doing work that will make a lasting impression.

Pisces Risings carry within themselves a strong artistic gift that must be expressed. They have a pronounced romantic outlook, and want life to be perfect (though since it isn't, they choose not to see what they don't want to see). They have a daunting goodwill towards others, and tend to be very sociable, fond of entertaining, and enjoy the warmth of companionship. Pisces Risings love the good things in life - fine food, beautiful clothes, and travel. Their tender feelings are easily moved by sad stories, but their personality is also changeable, at times moody and distressed. Worry and imagined fears overtake and sometimes overcome them. In their private life Pisces Ascendants tend to be disorganized, the kind who is forever losing or misplacing belongings. In work however, they're knowledgeable and creative, and find success in occupations that involve writing and travel


When choosing your size, please note the measurements are shown in metric millimeters (mm). If you are unfamiliar with this sizing, it's recommended you refer to a crochet size conversion chart or tool like this one from Making Crafters to ensure you are purchasing the correct size. Note that while hooks are carefully measured to reflect the listed size as accurately as possible, each hook is made by hand and size may not be exact.

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