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SCORPIO Crochet Hook
SCORPIO Crochet Hook
SCORPIO Crochet Hook
SCORPIO Crochet Hook
SCORPIO Crochet Hook
SCORPIO Crochet Hook
SCORPIO Crochet Hook
SCORPIO Crochet Hook

SCORPIO Crochet Hook

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Our Scorpio hook has a dark roasted maple top and bottom, featuring padauk + tigerwood + wenge + white limba

  • Each hook is sanded to yarn-worthy smoothness, and treated with a polyurethane wood sealant 
  • Hooks are a combination of Canadian and exotic woods. All pieces are carefully selected and assembled to create a truly unique tool
  • No two hooks are exactly alike
Scorpios are imaginative, passionate, emotional, subtle, persistent, intense, and unyielding. Scorpio suns do nothing by half measures. They may present a calm exterior to the world, but they're ferociously persistent and extremely strong willed. Scorpio is the most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac because of its complicated convolutions. This is the sign of extremes, and Scorpios are variously described as powerful, weak, independent, clingy, passionate, and cold. There's nothing worse for Scorpio Suns than feeling they're being swept away by a force they can't control - when they're in control they feel safe. A lone warrior in a harsh world, Scorpios are complex people who can't always express how they feel. While dominating, secretive and sometimes jealous, they're also loving, generous, kind, loyal, and even gentle.

Scorpio is the sign of death and regeneration, and brings out both the Moon's sensuous power and its forcefulness. They're very clever at hiding their true feelings - though they're driven by strong passions they tend to deny that's their motivation. They often disapprove of their emotions, and keep their reactions hidden under a calm, agreeable surface. Lunar Scorpios exercise a great sense of self-control, and dread any form of rejection. Their ability to deaden feelings allows them to feel in control, but it's also a path to slow destruction of the spirit. A Moon in Scorpio person possesses enormous willpower and observation. Their persistence and determination enables them to rise above obstacles, and they have a magnetic flair for influencing others.

Those born with Scorpio Ascendants have the whole force of their personality behind everything they do. Though sometimes viewed as a lone wolf, they do have the ability to work with and lead people. They're strongly persuasive and zealously pursue their goals. Clever, creative, and resourceful, Scorpio Ascendants are happiest when they can control from behind the scenes. They tend to be secretive and reserved, and shun the spotlight because they can't work there unnoticed - Scorpio Ascendants are usually quietly watching, waiting, observing. When crossed they can be cruel and biting, and in the heat of the moment Rising Scorpios must be the victor (though later they're remorseful for having dealt wounds). They're charming, witty conversationalists, but acute observers will soon notice it's the other person who's doing most of the talking. 


When choosing your size, please note the measurements are shown in metric millimeters (mm). If you are unfamiliar with this sizing, it's recommended you refer to a crochet size conversion chart or tool like this one from Making Crafters to ensure you are purchasing the correct size. Note that while hooks are carefully measured to reflect the listed size as accurately as possible, each hook is made by hand and size may not be exact.

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