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"I must go to Nature disarmed of perspective and stretch myself like a large transparent canvas upon her in the hope that, my submission being perfect, the imprint of a beautiful and useful truth would be taken." - John Updike


Remember to take in and cherish those quiet moments in this ever-growing, fast-paced, modern world.
Join me on my journey to appreciate and understand the value of slow fashion, and experience how it feels to wear something handmade. Support the vibrant handmade community, or better yet...join it!



Straight outta the forest: handmade hooks for your handmade life.
Why shouldn't our tools excite us as much as our yarn?

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Are you ready to get your DIY on? 

It's always more fun to make it yourself, and now you can!
Choose from a selection of beginner-friendly knitting and crocheting patterns, and join the DIY movement.
Because let's be honest, it's pretty awesome to turn a ball of yarn into something you can wear.

Knitters gonna knit - browse a variety of DIY knitting patterns to make your own accessories!

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Who says crochet can't be modern? Shop a range of DIY crochet patterns and get ready to #crochetallday

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Explore the Boreal Box

A carefully curated collection of nature-inspired, locally made goods

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"I can honestly say this box came with 10x the beauty I expected it would (and I had pretty high hopes!). I love surprises so opening this box was extra exciting. Even the hook, which I knew was part of the box, comes as a surprise because each one is unique and you don't know exactly what it looks like until you get it! Every bit of the box really feels like a piece of nature, and thinking of all the love poured into it by so many people just makes it even more lovable."

- Ashley | @ashleyerickadesigns

This curated box has absolutely everything you'd expect from Kelly and MORE! My favorite thing about this box is the collaboration and camaraderie - she showcases amazing talented, LOCAL makers! From the hand-carved crochet hook and necklace, to the carefully selected yarn colourway, the beautifully unique mug, tea blend, and candle, everything included was absolutely perfect! Thank you, Kelly!"

​Mollie | @whiteowlcrochetco

"I was gifted a Boreal Box for Christmas (I may or may not have given him the link 😉) and it was by far my favorite present! Every single item in the box is handmade and absolutely amazing! It was like Kelly was speaking to my soul by filling this box with all of my favorite things! From hand dyed yarn, tea, jewelry, a handmade mug, candles, and perhaps my favorite, a hand carved wooden crochet hook! I use the hook Kelly carved alllll the time! It’s so smooth and light, and she even made sure to carve the perfect little indent for my thumb to sit, something that a lot of handmade hooks lack. If you get a chance to snag one of these boxes, or a hook from Kelly, I highly recommend it! You won’t be disappointed!"

- Jen | @littlelotuslane