Creative Roots Challenge Week 10 - The Dream Crochet

Week 10 of the Creative Roots Challenge welcomes Ashlee of The Dream Crochet!
You can find this talented lady on Instagram here, and check out her website here.

The Dream Crochet Creative Roots Challenge

Week 10 Challenge: What was the project and/or moment that propelled the passion to create?

Prize: Five The Dream Crochet patterns of your choice

How to Enter: Post your challenge photo and tag @thedreamcrochet + @knitbrooks, using hashtags #CreativeRootsChallenge + #CreativeRootsWeek10. You have until Monday, November 9th @ 1pm EST!

When I created my first sweater, making it past the fear and apprehension of constructing clothing when I thought it wasn’t feasible was such a pivotal moment creatively. I selected this notion to reflect and recall that moment where the momentum, the drive of creating, truly came alive. I hope the reflections assists on glancing back at how far you’ve come creatively and what lies in the future of your craft.

The Dream Crochet Creative Roots Challenge

Hi everyone, I'm Ashlee! I discovered a love for crocheting prior to starting college and was swiftly moved by the opportunity as well as the ability to create. The Dream Crochet Shoppe came along through being influenced by others to exhibit, share those creations with those who retain the same appreciation. 

The Dream Crochet Maker Q&A

The Dream Crochet Creative Roots Challenge

When you first started your maker journey, what was your goal? How has it changed?
The aspiration was to create something that I always envisioned-maintaining that goal of always creating something that I would love to perceive, by experimenting as well as challenging myself, I so long to stay on that course always.

What is your favourite inspirational (or creativity-related) quote?
“Creativity is oxygen for Our Souls.”

What is your main creative struggle, and how do you work through it?

The main creative struggle is most likely the wip list. So excited to start new projects and not entirely completing the current ones-though I like to go with the creative flow of things at times and if I feel compelled to “rest” a project to initiate another-that’s okay. As long as I eventually make my way back to it, eventually! 

Tell us about a total maker FAIL. What did you learn from it, and how did that failure help you grow? 

Starting out in the beginning-realizing how vital my measuring tape is, how important gauge is, etc… Glancing back you perceive the tips and tricks you know now to improve your work is quite  beneficial. As well as the current process, there are failures, that’s a guarantee-though I feel as long as you continue to work at your flaws that’s the only way you can grow.

What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment? 

Pushing through apprehension as well as anxiety to share what I love to create. With a Passion, there is vulnerability there, to look past that and to just go for what you love is such a major move.

What is one goal you’re working towards right now?

There are many goals, though primarily mine is to continue to create and push the idea, notions of constructing new design perspectives within the world of Crochet.

Name three creative people who inspire you, and why?

  1. Tlyarncrafts
  2. Noorvana 
  3. Mariecastrodiy 

What is your best piece of advice for someone who has lost their creative mojo?

It’s entirely fine to rest and allow inspiration to come to you, there’s no rush to it, everything happens within the time it is meant to exist in.

The Dream Crochet Creative Roots Challenge 01

Share five fun non-maker-related facts!

  1. I’ve seen Lord of The Rings too many times to count!

  2. Creating music is a passion of mine

  3. Writing a fantasy/adventure book + poetry as well

  4. Coffee and Cheese (not together lol) can’t live without those two

  5. Love Collecting journals/books

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