I'm the knitter, crocheter, photographer, designer, and now somehow wood carver behind knitbrooks (which is all one word, in case you were wondering). I grew up in Ontario, where I went to college for photojournalism - a bit of an odd choice considering how socially awkward and shy I was, but dang. It took me on a wild ride. My photojournalist adventure began fresh after graduation, working first in a very tiny community in Nova Scotia, and then in a sort of larger (but not really) rural Alberta town. I've since left my journalism days behind, but the opportunity to see a good portion of Canada while honing my skills as a visual and creative storyteller has truly been an inspirational experience. 

knitbrooks came to life in 2013 as an Etsy shop while I was hustling as a reporter / photographer in Alberta. Eventually my online shop expanded into local handmade markets & knitwear pattern design, and most recently I've branched out (heh heh) into hand carved crochet hooks. Now living in a small oceanside community on the South Shore of Nova Scotia (again), woodworking is playing a much larger role in knitbrooks than I could have imagined.

Over the years, knitbrooks has transformed into something that combines all the things I love; an enjoyable hobby, a small business, and a way to challenge myself, remain creative, and connect with others who share the same passions. The joy I find in writing, photography, exploring new places, and of course staying as cozy as possible in beautiful Canada, is always present and consciously incorporated into whatever I'm working on.

When I'm not playing with yarn or sticks, you can probably find me nursing a cup of (cold) coffee that doesn't taste like coffee, eating Brooklyn style pizza, exploring a nearby wooded area, or collecting all things mustard yellow (the grosser the yellow the better, I always say).

If you have any questions, are interested in collaborating, or just want to say hello, please email me at knitbrooks@gmail.com!