Hi friends, I'm Kelly!
I would like to say you can usually find me curled up in a blanket nest with a warm bevvy, yarn in hand, knitting or crocheting to my heart's content. The reality is, knitbrooks is a small piece of my very busy life...though it's one I couldn't imagine living without!

What started with me picking up my knitting needles as a distraction from college stress in 2010 has transformed into something that combines all the things I love. It's an enjoyable hobby, a small business, and a way to challenge myself, remain creative, and connect with others who share the same passions. The joy I find in writing, photography, exploring new places, and of course staying as cozy as possible, is always present and consciously incorporated into whatever I'm working on.

I mostly make things with yarn (of the knit and crochet persuasion), but have recently branched out into creating my own hand carved wooden crochet hooks too. Get it? 
Branched out?

In addition to playing with yarn and sticks, I also enjoy coffee that doesn't taste like coffee, Brooklyn style pizza, being in the woods, hanging out on the Our Maker Life team, and all things mustard yellow (the grosser the yellow the better, I always say).


I had the amazing opportunity to share a little bit about knitbrooks for Makeology's video series I Make Things! Big thanks to Makeology founder and talented lady boss Melissa Lowry for helping me combat my major awkwardness in front of the camera and creating such a wonderful feature, out in the woods no less.