Creative Roots Challenge Week 12 - I Play With Fiber

Week 12 of the Creative Roots Challenge welcomes Leah of I Play With Fiber
You can find this talented lady on Instagram here, and check out her website here.

I Play with Fiber Creative Roots Challenge Blog Post

Week 12 Challenge: What are your best practices for turning “I can’t” into “I CAN”?

Prize: 1” Crystal Heart Enamel Pin + Himba Snood Kit from We Are Knitters

How to Enter: Post your challenge photo and tag @iplaywithfiber + @knitbrooks, using hashtags #CreativeRootsChallenge + #CreativeRootsWeek12. You have until Monday, November 23rd @ 1pm EST!

There has been no shortage of uncertainty and obstacles in 2020. Sometimes the biggest win is simply getting out of bed in the morning. I chose this prompt, because navigating obstacles is a never ending journey! What tools or best practices do you use to stay motivated to act on your ideas, evoke positive thoughts, and/or enhance daily productivity. My hope is that this prompt will make space for moments of introspection, problem solving, reconciliation, and inspire new perspectives!

I Play with Fiber Creative Roots Challenge Blog Post

Hello, I’m Leah! I’ve been a life-long lover of creation. At a young age, crochet connected me to my mother and the world in an amazing way. I lost my mother in 2006 to breast cancer, and my will to create right along with her.

As of 2017, I’ve since reclaimed my creative expression. My fiber art has expanded into jewelry making, knit, macrame, punch needle, and embroidery. My work reflects my love of texture, tessellation, and color exploration.

I create to connect to passed loved ones, heal, and design my future.

I Play With Fiber Maker Q&A

I Play with Fiber Creative Roots Challenge Blog Post

When you first started your maker journey, what was your goal? How has it changed?
My initial goal was to be a crochet market seller to make my own money and help my husband support our family. Due to expanding my family and lifestyle changes I’ve pivoted to digital pattern selling, creating jewelry, and blogging. I simply don’t have the time to crochet or knit ready to sell/ship items.

What is your favourite inspirational (or creativity-related) quote?
“Do what you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” - Maya Angelou

What is your main creative struggle, and how do you work through it?
My biggest creative struggle is comparison. At times I feel as though I don’t fit in the IG fiber community or any singular community. I like existing as I am regardless of how that’s received, but social media/internet places a high value on the appearance of perfection. I thrive in my evolution and growing through what I go through. I very much value my journey almost more than destinations along the way.

Tell us about a total maker FAIL. What did you learn from it, and how did that failure help you grow?
My first pattern was a FLOP, my first Etsy shop was a FLOP, and my first blog was a FLOP. I could go on. I feel as though failure has taught me how to refine my approach to the things I’m passionate about, and has also shown me how to be more intentional. We learn from pain and loss.

What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment?
I would say that so far getting published in We Crochet Issue 4 the Fall ‘20 issue has been my biggest accomplishment.

What is one goal you’re working towards right now?
I’m currently working towards making my blog successful! I would love to collaborate with yarn companies and share free patterns and other resources to help other emerging designers and makers.

Name three creative people who inspire you, and why?

  1. Whitney Anderson (@WhitneyMarieAnderson) - I think Whitney is next level in regards to being a multi-disciplinary artist. From fiber art to digital art, she’s got it all covered! She’s a mother of 4 and still manages to do all the things.
  2. Toni Lipsey (@tlyarncrafts) - Toni has been dubbed the Queen of Crochet. It’s true. Toni inspires me to be vocal, confident, and an unapologetic maker. 
  3. Nadine Johnson (@buddyluvscrochet), Nadine is like a sister I never had. She’s so intentional with her work. She annually contributes donations of blue hats for Hat-Not-Hate and is vocal about human/civil rights and being kind.

What is your best piece of advice for someone who has lost their creative mojo?
Be kind with yourself. Inspiration and mojo are heavily affected by priorities and life circumstances. Choose what aligns with your goals and dreams over constant hustle culture. Being well rested and hydrated work wonders for cognitive clarity and productivity.

I Play with Fiber Creative Roots Challenge Blog Post

Share five fun non-maker-related facts!

  1. Dancing was my first love. 
  2. I love to sing. 
  3. I had dreams of being a couture designer from a young age.
  4. I was voted most original in my senior year of high school. 
  5. I’ve recently learned to roller skate.


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