Creative Roots Challenge Week 5 - iiirdwind

Week 5 of the Creative Roots Challenge welcomes Kaelyn of iiirdwind!
You can find this talented lady on Instagram here.

Creative Roots Challenge iiiirdwind Maker Q&A

Week 5 Challenge:
Share your maker timeline! Create a carousel post (or reel if you're feeling feisty) to show your journey's crucial pivots.

Prize: Notions pouch with tools by @liliknits + @amyoxford punch needle.

How to Enter: Post your challenge photo and tag @iiirdwind + @knitbrooks, using hashtags #CreativeRootsChallenge + #CreativeRootsWeek5. You have until Monday, October 5th @ 1pm EST!

If nothing else, 2020 is providing all the incentives to make changes as needed to suit your brand, be it for personal or business-related issues. For one reason or another, I've made crucial pivots in how I presented iiirdwind, as well as what I bring to the table, to accommodate my then-growing family. Those pivots were critical in my approach to overcome an issue and yet still manage my business. As we all continue on our maker journeys, I think it is vital that we highlight the moments that got us where we are.

Creative Roots Challenge iiirdwind Maker Q&A

Hi everyone, I'm Kaelyn!

Despite being largely business-oriented in a male dominated fields, I have spent the majority of my life balancing multiple creative outlets. Looking back now it's crazy to think that I've painted, drawn, beaded, woven and rehabbed furniture for nearly 20 years! But the birth of iiirdwind begins with me being taught to crochet nearly six years ago by my mother-in-law. I found crochet enchanting and an easily adaptive craft for me as a new mom. I quickly sought to make affordable, yet cute photography props for newborns.

iiirdwind Q&A

Creative Roots Challenge iiirdwind Maker Q&A

When you first started your maker journey, what was your goal? How has it changed?
The goal back then was simple: become the first Black Martha Stewart (I kid, but seriously). And while that goal hasn't changed, it has evolved-- largely because I've met so many inspiring women of color that are already well ahead of me in that race! 

What is your favourite inspirational (or creativity-related) quote?
Oftentimes as a military spouse I find myself starting over in new cities, absent familial connections and needing to re-establish myself as both a mom, maker and woman in new places quickly to re-establish networks. It's exhausting. I've never been more motivated than by the simple phrase: Just keep swimming. So applicable and valid across many challenges. 

What is your main creative struggle, and how do you work through it? 
I have some lofty goals (see above lol).  So I like to insert myself in roles that challenge what I think I should be doing, constantly pushing myself beyond my self-imposed creative "box". That said, imposter syndrome-- the sneaky, icky feeling that you don't belong--plagues me often. I try to cut through those feelings by looking at old work that I find successful and talking out what is problematic about the current project that causes me to project feelings of inadequacies. It works ...most of the time. 

Tell us about a total maker FAIL. What did you learn from it, and how did that failure help you grow? 
My biggest maker fail was thinking I HAD to sell my crochet wares. The pressure I put on myself to start an Etsy shop, do markets and make sales was so immense, it nearly stifled all my creative energy. I sincerely enjoy crocheting for the sake of crochet. No more no less. Walking away from my Etsy shop allowed me to explore punch needle in way that exposed what I DID enjoy selling. Life is a strange beast friends.

What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment? 
I am currently living my biggest accomplishment and can't quite share it. Guess you'll have to follow along to figure that one out!

What is one goal you’re working towards right now?
Currently I'm working towards learning more about crochet pattern design (grading, guidelines, the works)!

Name three creative people who inspire you, and why?
I'm am continually inspired by the creative efforts and just genuine positivity of: 

What is your best piece of advice for someone who has lost their creative mojo?
My biggest piece of advice for finding your way back to the juice is to get lost in something else. Sounds counterintuitive because it is. Try your hand at some new skill, get physically active. Take up a new hobby. It will find its way back to you.

Creative Roots Challenge iiirdwind Maker Q&A

Share five fun non-maker-related facts!

  1. I have an embarrassingly bad sweet tooth.
  2. I took up skating when I was 8 after I suffered a serious concussion falling out of a tree. My equilibrium was destroyed and my dad thought it would help my balance. It did!  
  3. I love, love love rearranging furniture.
  4. I love beaches, hate the sand.
  5. I love mountains, hate the windy roads to get to them lol.

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