Efflorescence Collection

The first signs of spring are enough to lift anyone's spirits. With spring comes newness, refreshment, vibrancy, and rejuvenation. The birds are back chirping their hearts out every morning, the sun rises sooner and sets later, and nature is bursting at the seams with life.  Efflorescence is the action or process of developing and unfolding as if coming into flower. This can of course be applied literally during spring with the explosion of buds and blossoms, but doesn't spring also encourage efflorescence of the soul after the short days and endless darkness of winter? With summer solstice just around the corner, this collection seeks to celebrate the flourishing but fleeting season of spring with colours representing plants and flowers in peak bloom.

Efflorescence features a small batch of crochet hooks and yarn inspired by a specific colour palette. As with our February Midwinter collection, Annapolis Fibre Co 100% Canadian Rambouillet yarn is back - each skein was processed from start to finish, from fleece to hand dyed skein, right here in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia…even the sheep live here!

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