Creative Roots Challenge Prompt Host Application

Creative Roots Instagram Challenge

Hello you talented maker you, thank you for your interest in being a Creative Roots Challenge prompt host!

The Creative Roots Challenge started off as a weekly instagram challenge in September 2020, and showcased 18 amazing and inspiring makers over the course of September, October, November and December. 

After some tweaks and changes, we've shifted to a more manageable monthly challenge, showcasing a new maker guest + challenge prompt on @creativerootschallenge the first Tuesday of every month. And now, we're looking for a new wave of fresh, bushy-tailed, enthusiastic guests to lead our beloved community on more creative reflections and adventures as we journey through 2021.

Before applying to be a prompt host, please review the challenge details & requirements below to make sure this is something that tickles your fancy:

  • As a prompt host, you'll get access to @creativerootschallenge where you'll share your maker magic for the whole month! Each challenge will begin the first Tuesday of the month, and will run until the last day of the month
  • On the Tuesday your prompt goes live, you'll be required to hop on @creativerootschallenge insta stories to introduce yourself + explain your prompt so everyone has a good idea of what the month's challenge is
  • Insta live on @knitbrooks to chat all about you, your maker life, and your prompt (totally optional but encouraged, hiiii let's hang out!!)
  • You're welcome to do the @creativerootschallenge takeover however you like through stories & instagram lives (solo or with your own guests), but it's up to you to encourage participation in your prompt and keep the momentum going!
  • On the final day of the month, you'll be responsible for selecting a winner from those who participated in your challenge

Interested in bringing some motivation and inspo to the maker community? Click here to fill out the prompt host application! 

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