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Hello, we're happy you're here!

All crochet hooks are hand crafted with care by Kelly (@knitbrooks) and Scott (@thelivingnorth) at our home in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. We do everything ourselves, from start to finish!

All hooks start off as a piece of dressed lumber. Scott does any required milling of the wood to bring it down to the correct size for our multi-wood tools, and assembles the pieces + preps the material to be carved. He also removes the bark on any sticks and branches that will become future hook babies. I carve the hooks, and we both do a LOT of sanding in order to get those babies to a velvety smoothness before I woodburn the size into each one before they're treated with a polyurethane wood sealant. It is a labour of love, and most certainly a team effort + process I'm happy we are able to work through together.

Right now, we offer the following crochet hook styles: woodsy, driftwood, multi-wood, art deco, herringbone, and chevron, as well as a small variety of special edition designs that are exclusive to certain collections. Below you can read a little more about each hook style, and take a peek at some samples. You can also read testimonials from other crocheters who love our hooks!

Thanks for following along,

Kelly & Scott



See what crocheters are saying about their knitbrooks hooks!


I am privileged to have a personal collection of 16 (maybe more?) knitbrooks crochet hooks. Not only are they aesthetically incredible, there isn’t a single detail they’ve overlooked. The hooks are lightweight, smooth, and ergonomically comfortable to use. They never snag or catch on my yarn. I love the fact that I’m using someone else’s gorgeous art to make art myself. I can’t recommend these beautiful hooks enough!


Started with one hook now I’m here 😬 My first knitbrooks hook was a special treat for myself but it quickly spoiled me and now I have quite the collection 😂. They’re so lightweight and a great shape for more comfortable crocheting…did I mention they’re ridiculously good looking? 😎


Crocheting with these hooks makes me feel like royalty. The ergonomic shape brings my experience to a whole new level, the pointy tip glides through stitches like butter, and the lavish design gives new meaning to the excitement of picking my WIP back on my hook.


I absolutely love my hooks from knitbrooks!! I want them all!! I just ordered 3 more!


“I absolutely love my knitbrooks handmade crochet hooks. I’m fairly new to crocheting so I don’t have many tools yet. My hook bebe made my new experience with crocheting so amazing. I don’t think I’ll buy any more hooks unless it’s a knitbrooks hook. SO WORTH the investment and worth all the money. Trust me.


I love my new knitbrooks hook bebe! Not only is it gorgeous, it’s so lightweight. I’ve found my new favorite hook.


To say I am happy with the hooks I've purchased is an understatement. Team knitbrooks has given me a sturdy and stunning piece of Canada that allows me to infuse an extra layer of magic maker energy into every project I create with the handmade woodsy hooks. The creativity and craftsmanship is spot on!



  • Our original style, where it all started

  • Made from branches carefully collected on our property

  • Prices start at $65 CAD




  • Simple and classic design featuring either 2 or 3 woods

  • The perfect way to showcase the beauty of different woods

  • Prices start at $70 CAD




  • Features a polished hook top with rustic driftwood bottom

  • Choose between 2 and 3-wood style

  • Prices start at $80 CAD



Art Deco

  • Inspired by the modern art deco style

  • Features fun lines, curves, triangles and circles

  • Prices start at $85 CAD



Chevron & Herringbone

  • Only available during ready-to-ship shop updates or special preorders

  • Unique geometric chevron and herringbone designs

  • Prices start at $86 CAD



Other Designs

  • Only available during special ready-to-ship collections

  • Unique and intricate designs

  • Prices start at $86 CAD


Frequently asked question

How much do your crochet hooks cost?

The cost of each hook depends on size and style, but prices (in Canadian dollars) start at $65 for our original woodsy hooks, $70 for two-wood hooks, $75 for 3-wood hooks, $80 for driftwood hooks, and $85 for more intricate designs like art deco, chevron, herringbone etc.

I missed a shop update or preorder, can you let me know when the next one is?

We always send out a notice to our mailing list with information on when the next shop update or preorder will be, so we suggest signing up for our newsletter.

How long are your hooks? How much do they weigh?

Each hook is approximately 6 3/4" (17cm) long from the tip of the hook head to the bottom of the handle. They are very lightweight, and weigh about 15-25 grams depending on style and wood types used.

How strong are your hooks?

wood will never be as strong as metal. We don't recommend our crochet hooks for projects that require a small hook size to create extremely tight stitches (like amigurumi does), as the pressure of those tight stitches puts the hook at risk for snapping or breaking.

What are crochet hooks treated with?

All our crochet hooks are coated with a polyurethane wood sealant, which helps to protect against moisture damage and prolongs the life of the hook in general.

Do you take custom orders?

We do! We make custom crochet hooks through our build-your-own-hook preorders, where you can choose the hook style, wood types, and size you want.

What sizes do you make?

Currently we offer the following sizes: 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 5.00mm, 5.50mm, 6.00mm, 6.50mm, 7.00mm, 7.50mm 8.00mm, 8.50mm, 9.00mm, 9.50mm, 10.00mm, 10.50mm, 11.00mm, 11.50mm, 12.00mm, 12.50mm, 13.00mm, 13.50mm, 14.00mm, 14.50mm, 15.00mm

What's the difference between a ready-to-ship update and preorder?

Ready-to-ship updates feature a batch of crochet hooks that are already made, with each hook listed individually. Each listing includes the size and a photo of the exact fibre tool you're purchasing. Preorders allow you to choose the hook style, size, and wood types, and have a longer turnaround time (eg. 12 weeks) as each hook is made to order. You won't see your hook until it arrives at your home.

What woods do you use?

Woodsy hooks have been made from Canadian tree species native to our  property in Nova Scotia. This includes Maple, Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Ash, Apple, Plum, Elm, Birch, Hickory, among others. The rest of our hooks use a variety of domestic and exotic woods including yellowheart, padauk, zebrawood, cedar, a wide array of maples, purpleheart, beech, bloodwood, canary, and MORE.

Can I use your hooks for amigurumi?

While we use hardwood species for our hook tops, wood will never be as strong as metal. We don't recommend our crochet hooks for projects that require a small hook size to create extremely tight stitches (like amigurumi does), as the pressure of those tight stitches puts the hook at risk for snapping or breaking.